Direct-To-Caregiver Communications,
Immediate Care Team Responses

Nurse Call Application for Enhanced Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Timely alerts are not only essential for nursing staff efficiency, but vital for ensuring patients aren’t left in the dark or forced to take matters into their own hands, putting their safety at risk.

West-Com’s MobileCare™ mobile application puts powerful workflow controls, direct-to-caregiver alerts, staff assignments and virtual rounding at the nurse’s fingertips.

The end result? Response times become more agile, efficiencies soar, patients are placed at the core of person-centered care — where clarity and engagement triumph over the hustle and bustle of your healthcare environment.

Benefits of Mobilizing Responsive Care

  • Reduced response times to patient call requests
  • Increased face-to-face patient touchpoints
  • Defined care alert statuses and assignments
  • Minimized alarm fatigue and repetitive responses
  • Enhanced staff communication and teamwork
  • Mitigated risks linked to communication errors and care delays

Actively Manage Care Alerts

Empower your staff to quickly identify and efficiently manage care alerts. Alerts are routed to the appropriate caregiver based on the type of request. Priority alerts such as Staff Emergency or Code Blue are automatically elevated to ensure an immediate response. Once an alert has been addressed, it’s cleared from the active queue.

  • View all current alerts in real time, at a glance
  • Select individual alerts to access patient details and response actions
  • Receive incoming patient calls via a vibration or tone

Answer & Escalate Calls

Care team members can directly manage patient calls from their mobile devices for more efficient and immediate responses.

  • Escalate urgent requests to high priority
  • Answered calls are automatically muted at the nurse station console to diminish alarm fatigue and cut down unnecessary noise
  • Automatically direct escalated calls to the appropriate care team member, adhering to a customized escalation pathway

Conduct Virtual Visits & Rounding

Integrating seamlessly with MobileCare™, virtual patient visits can become an intrinsic part of your clinical workflow, paving the way for a unified care delivery experience among caregivers, patients and families.
Use video during routine calls and ensure accurate verification
of patient requests

  • Hold virtual hourly rounding with a fraction of the manual effort to minimize unnecessary room traffic, especially during isolation
    or contact precautions
  • Optimize daily rounding with specialists or providers to bolster efficiency and ensure consistent face-to-face interactions,
    even if not in person

View Patient Assignments & Call History 

Team members can view up-to-date patient assignments and delve into call histories for their current shift, making care plans and previous actions readily available.

  • Access current assignments and user history through
    the MobileCare menu
  • Select an assignment or entry to view additional details
  • Review historical alert activity at a glance

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