Streamline Patient & Care Team Communication,
Without the Clinical Clutter

Maximize Patient-Family Engagement for Person-Centered Care

It’s time to move beyond manual updates for care plans, staff assignments and rounding — which often lead to data errors and delays that leave
patients wondering, “What’s next?” Person-Centered Care is a key CMS initiative that is driving the future of healthcare; West-Com’s innovative technology is already helping caregivers around the world take giant leaps toward implementing this care approach.  LEARN MORE.

Considered the Swiss Army knife of electronic whiteboards, our patented CareBoards™ seamlessly deliver critical and timely information
across any clinical environment.

Bolstering patient engagement and nursing staff efficiency, these boards simplify workflows and center attention at the bedside,
ensuring patients, families and care team members stay connected and well-informed.

all-in-one interactive nurse console

Empower Patients & Reduce Alarm Fatigue
Patient CareBoard

Patient CareBoards step in where traditional mounted boards fall short. These in-room, electronic whiteboards can display caregiver names, patient details and up-to-date care plan information sourced from multiple integration points, including Nurse Call, RTLS and EMR. With information available 24/7 at a glance, CareBoards can significantly reduce call requests for non-emergency and routine questions, freeing up time for caregivers to work with greater efficiency.

Virtual care and virtual visit technology can easily be implemented with Patient CareBoards, eliminating the need for additional screens in the patient room and making the CareBoard a multi-faceted solution that enhances the delivery of care.

  • CALL ASSURANCE® LED Indicator Lights: Put patients’ minds at ease with reassuring messages that let them know their call has been received and assistance is on the way. For more information or inquiries, please email us at
  • Customizable Dashboard: Tailor clinical data sets based on facility needs, customizable per nursing unit or patient population.
  • Medication Insights: Display patient medication information as appropriate, such as the time the last dosage of medication was administered and when the next one is due, keeping the patient and family informed. 
  • Focused Messaging: Boost engagement with proactive prompts or display initiative or facility-based messaging to keep patients and families connected to care priorities.

Enhance Communication & Workflow Efficiency
Unit CareBoard

The Unit CareBoard acts as a “care traffic controller,” replacing traditional tracking boards tucked behind nursing stations. This electronic whiteboard presents a range of vital, configurable data — from patient assignments to room statuses — automatically updated through system integrations, including EMR, or manually within a user-friendly, browser-based application.

  • Live Dashboard: Stay on top of unit census, call volumes and response times for timely and accurate patient care.
  • Configurable Data: Set unit-specific data preferences, including patient and staff assignments, discharges, transfers, patient status, room status and call activity.
  • Real-Time Updates: Keep information up to date through system integrations or direct inputs from staff using a web-based portal.
room status
sophisticated integrations

Optimize Care with Synchronized Systems
CareBoard Integrations

Update your CareBoards effortlessly through integrations with multiple systems, including:

  • ADT
  • RTLS
  • Staff Directory
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Nurse Call
  • Nutrition Care Management
  • Wired/Wireless Hospital Beds
careboard experiential controls

Personalize Care with Dynamic Displays
CareBoard Experiential Controls

Patient CareBoards come with advanced experiential controls, enabling customization that aligns with unit or patient needs and is adaptable to a myriad of environments.

  • Night Mode: Schedule screen dimming to promote sleep or rest during designated hours.
  • Patient-Specific Configurations: Adjust and assign screen brightness for each patient, ensuring the ambiance is always just right.
  • Demographic Adjustments: Dynamically adapt the CareBoard template to resonate with patient demographics.

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caregiver and provider retention, patient health outcomes and long-term ROI.


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