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Advanced Nurse Call Solutions for Every Touchpoint of the Care Continuum

Connect™ is a VoIP, PoE nurse call system that provides a unified foundation for communication, collaboration and safety initiatives in any healthcare environment.
With seamless integrations, advanced caregiver workflow tools, direct patient-family messaging and more, Connect ensures all care team members stay coordinated, engaged and focused on delivering outstanding care.

all-in-one interactive nurse console

Leverage Actionable Alerts & Customized Communication
All-In-One Interactive Nurse Console

Revitalize care delivery as you know it with the Nurse Console. This unified interface displays a comprehensive view of units’ activities all in one, central hub to optimize clinical workflows, reduce response times and get care teams where they’re needed most, faster.

  • Unit Map: Instantly view occupied rooms, patient requests, alerts and track staff locations for prompt response to urgent needs.
  • Interactive Touchscreen: Answer calls, send caregiver requests and create staff member assignments with a simple touch — maximizing time spent with patients over manual tasks.
  • Alert Tones: Manage individual patient and unit alert tones from the Nurse Console to allow patients to rest when needed and recover more quickly.

Streamline Caregiver Workflow & Patient Safety
Workflow Station

Improve caregiver communication and the delivery of care initiatives with the Workflow Station. Bridging interdepartmental gaps, this interactive platform fosters a cohesive approach to patient care, guaranteeing every team member is in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.

  • Cross-Departmental Communication: Ensure everyone — from nurses to dietitians — is on the same page with vital patient information about precautions, allergies and requests for care.
  • Multidisciplinary Rounding: Customize time periods for coordinated care, upholding multidisciplinary rounding standards while reducing the risk of hospital-acquired conditions.
room status
careboard integrations

Maximize Patient-Family Engagement

Tailored to a wide application of healthcare settings, CareBoards step in where traditional mounted boards fall short, digitizing the patient experience while keeping all members of the care team engaged.

  • Configurable Data: Customized to each facility or unit, the Unit CareBoard™ displays assignments, room statuses, transfers and more, while the Patient CareBoard™ identifies the patients’ care team, care plan and important health information.
  • Expansive System Integrations: CareBoards seamlessly integrate with EHR/EMR systems, wireless hospital beds, virtual care technology and more, offering broad compatibility across healthcare ecosystems while reducing data entry, human error and out-of-date information.

Draw On Flexible Communication at Your Fingertips
Direct Wireless Messaging & Sophisticated Integrations

Merge direct voice and message communication to caregivers’ devices for seamless care delivery with the expansive reach of Connect integrations. West-Com interfaces with most healthcare information systems and devices, including:

    sophisticated integrations
    • EMRs
    • ADT
    • Hospital beds
    • Staff directories
    • RTLS
    • Staff scheduling
    • Patient engagement systems
    • Third-party middleware
    • Wireless devices
      flexible communications

      Ensure Unobstructed Communication for Uninterrupted Care
      Smart Patient Room Communications

      Experience next-level patient care with our robust and intuitive room communication systems. Each patient room is designed with a dedicated network connection and smart room controller, ensuring messages and alerts reach the intended destination without interfering with other rooms’ activities.

      • Flexible Integration: Accept messages from wired or wireless bed connections, medical devices, smoke and fire alarms, RTLS, pillow speakers with Direct Request® and other patient call devices such as blow calls and pressure pads.
      • Clear Communication: High-quality audio stations in each room allow for crystal clear communication, ensuring patient needs are met promptly.
      • LED Notifications: Room controllers feature LED lights that instantly inform staff of a room’s status and alerts.

      Make Better Care Decisions with Actionable
      Data & Real-Time Information

      Advanced Analytics

      Harness insightful, data-driven tools with a web-based application that simplifies the comparison of results, trend tracking and patient care concerns. Acting as your central hub, the platform offers insights either through a live dashboard or customizable reports sent directly to users’ inboxes.

      • Live Dashboard: Real-time data can be displayed as a live dashboard, enabling immediate and informed decision-making.
      • Unlimited User Access: There is no cap on the number of users, encouraging widespread engagement and collaboration across care teams and departments.


      advanced analytics
      cybersecurity and safety

      Prevent Backdoor Vulnerabilities to Enhance Privacy
      Cybersecurity & Safety

      West-Com interfaces ensure secure authentication and authorization using the hospital system’s directory services, SSL protection for all internal and external network connections as well as regular system assessments and updates.

      • Secure Authentication: The system integrates seamlessly with the facilities’ directory services, offering secure sign-on credentialing for staff members.
      • Continuous Compliance: West-Com conforms to UL’s Cybersecurity Assessment Program (UL 2900), constantly working to identify and rectify any system vulnerabilities.
      • Free Security Updates: All software security updates and patches are communicated directly to healthcare facilities, available at no additional charge.

      Modernize Your Healthcare Communications

      Request a virtual or in-person demo to experience how West-Com is revolutionizing the modern healthcare environment.

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