Telehealth Services

Providing timely access to quality care and keeping patients and family members informed about their care plan are common goals for most healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, timely access to quality care could be prevented or delayed due to geographical restrictions, safety concerns, and inadequate communication workflow. Nurses are asked to convey important clinical care plan information about patients on handwritten grease boards which are hard to read and difficult to keep current. Providers are often overscheduled, causing care delivery and patient discharge delays. West-Com has the solution, the Patient CareBoard™†. The Patient CareBoard delivers digital care plans and telehealth services inside every patient room to provide ubiquitous, safe and effective communication, optimize care delivery, and display clear and accurate patient care plans.

†Patent Pending


Vitalchat™ Telehealth

West-Com’s Patient CareBoard™ seamlessly integrates Vitalchat™ Telehealth services to enhance and complement your existing patient care workflow. These virtual telehealth resources will increase patient and caregiver safety, improve clinical collaboration, enable specialty care access, and allow offsite family connection and engagement.

• Virtual rounding
• Virtual providers and specialists
• Virtual family visits
• Secure access from a web browser on any smart device, from anywhere

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Virtual eSitter

Remotely monitor patient rooms with intelligent video that can detect patients at risk of falling or developing pressure injures.

• Fall awareness
• Increased nurse efficiency
• Individual room or unit monitoring
• Remote accessibility
• Ability to activate nurse call for a specific room
• Real-time activity dashboard

eSitter interface
Family at home

Virtual Family Visits

Allow family members to visit with their loved ones, even if they are in isolation or unable to physically be at the facility. Family members receive a secure invite and can visit virtually their loved one from any device that can run a current web browser.