Case Study: Guadalupe Regional

Case Study: Guadalupe Regional

Discover how Guadalupe Regional transformed care efficiency, patient trust and staff satisfaction with West-Com’s Connect nurse call system and advanced communication tools.

The West-Com Difference Brochure

The West-Com Difference

Elevate healthcare efficiency with West-Com’s CareBoards and Workflow Stations, which display real-time patient information customizable to any healthcare setting.

Patient CareBoards for med-surg

Med-Surg Patient CareBoard

Explore how West-Com’s Patient CareBoards centralize care updates, streamline communication and boost caregiver effectiveness, leading to improved patient engagement and enhanced health outcomes in the Med-Surg setting.

HCAHPS Brochure Front


Learn how West-Com’s patient-centered communication tools, including
the Patient CareBoard™, can address critical HCAHPS issues and improve
patient satisfaction.

Rural Health Brochure

Rural Health

From enabling specialist consults without transfers to fostering family involvement in patient recovery, explore how virtual healthcare is revolutionizing rural hospitals.

Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

Learn how West-Com’s nurse call system can become the cornerstone of
a comprehensive and collaborative approach to fall prevention.

Women's Health Brochure

Women’s Health

Transform the labor and delivery experience with West-Com’s CareBoard.
Clear and effective care information can create an exceptional beginning
to the maternity care journey.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

Learn how West-Com’s purpose-built solutions enhance safety and responsiveness in psychiatric and high-risk care environments.

Emergency Wireless Call Kit

Emergency Wireless Call Kit

West-Com’s Wireless Emergency Call Kit is an all-in-one solution designed for
quick setup and easy deployment to ensure continuous, reliable patient-caregiver communication in emergency or temporary environments.

Connect flyer front

Connect Nurse Call

See how West-Com’s Connect™ nurse call system can become the center of care for every care area by improving communication, collaboration and workflow among care teams, patients and families.

CliniCare flyer front

CliniCare Clinic Flow Solutions

Discover how CliniCare™ keeps your clinic or ambulatory care center moving and reduces patient-care cycle delays through real-time notifications, advanced data management and efficient communication tools.