Rural Health Brochure

Rural Health

Read 4 reasons rural America needs virtual healthcare and how West-Com is helping rural hospitals and critical access hospitals improve access to quality care within local communities.

Women's Health Brochure

Women’s Health

Learn 3 ways communication improves the patient experience and clinical outcomes throughout labor & delivery.

Behavioral Health 3

Behavioral Health

Learn more about West-Com's solutions for psychiatric settings that maximize safety for mental health patients and their caregivers.

Connect Nurse Call 6

Connect Nurse Call

Read how West-Com's Connect nurse call system improves communication, collaboration, and workflow among care teams, patients, and families.

Novus Gateway Interfaces 9

Novus Gateway Interfaces

Learn about West-Com's bidirectional interface gateways like EMR, ADT, staff directory, and location that do not require third-party software.