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Durable Nurse Call Solutions Designed for Behavioral Health

Safety is paramount when it comes to behavioral and correctional settings, which is why we’ve built the only nurse call system thoughtfully designed to diminish risks for both staff and patients in these complex environments.

Individuals experiencing psychiatric conditions often face unique safety risks, including suicide, self-harm, violence, aggression and seclusion, among other potential high-risk behaviors. This directly impacts the safe delivery of care and puts additional strain — and risk — on care teams.

Discover how West-Com’s purpose-built systems can transform your behavioral healthcare environment.

all-in-one interactive nurse console

Maximize Safety Through Purpose-Built Hardware Design

The design and functionality of our behavioral health hardware components are focused
on mitigating prevalent risks in psychiatric settings, effectively hindering tampering,
breaking and ingestion of equipment components. Standard features include:

  • Ligature-resistant fixtures and devices
  • Heavy-duty stainless plates with 11-gauge faceplate structure
  • Flush-mount dome lights
  • Tamper-proof screws
  • Embedded microphones
  • Security locks

Special Considerations for Behavioral Health Patient Populations

Patients may sometimes call for a nurse or persistently press the call buttons. If it’s confirmed there’s no medical emergency or need, the continuous ringing of the nurse call alert can be controlled by a key lock device.

This device can be configured to a custom or preset timer to inform staff the audible alert is offline, but visual annunciation will continue.

Code blue procedures can also be modified, if desired. A separate custody alarm system can be activated first, followed by the medical code blue. Dome light states and colors, along with code blue alarms and annunciation, can be tailored for different types of care. 

Virtual Care Capabilities for Enhanced Connectivity

Our suite of virtual care solutions fortifies patient support and staff safety, bridging gaps in behavioral healthcare with robust technology powered by Vitalchat.

    Virtual E-Sitter

    Behavioral Health 2024

    Enhanced with intelligent video technology, our remote patient monitoring system increases patient safety in behavioral health settings.

    • Monitor individual or all behavioral health rooms easily from a central location or mobile device.
    • Identify potential risks for safety events or self-harm quickly and effectively.
    • Manage and oversee visits involving individuals who may pose a threat of violence toward staff.

    Virtual Visits


    Our virtual visit system facilitates safer and more connected care in behavioral health environments.

    • Reduce unnecessary room traffic, particularly in scenarios involving potentially violent patients.
    • Enable families to maintain vital face-to-face connections with loved ones during their stay.
    • Facilitate discharge planning through platform-enabled family-patient engagement.

    Seamless Integration for
    Comprehensive Efficiency

    Our system’s capability to integrate with additional hospital-installed technology ensures patient and staff safety, enabling staff to call for help even when a wall device is out of reach.

    • Empower staff with RTLS badges that include built-in panic buttons for immediate response.
    • Connect nurse call alerts to Wander Management systems, pumps and bed alarms for direct, real-time caregiver notifications.
    • Facilitate communication for disabled patients to call for assistance with ADA-compliant devices.
    careboard integrations
    Analytics Response Time

    Data-Driven Insights with
    West-Com Analytics

    West-Com Analytics transforms complex data into visual narratives, helping healthcare leaders make informed, real-time decisions to enhance patient care and safety.

    • Visualize complete care timelines through Patient Stories for a comprehensive view of care.
    • Strengthen Root Cause Analysis (RCAs) with detailed, objective
      data and incident reports.
    • Meticulously analyze response times to enhance patient care and reinforce safety measures.

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