Another Critical Access Hospital Leverages West-Com to Improve Their Patient Experience.

Jul 1, 2021

We couldn’t be more thrilled to share how West-Com is making an impact for another critical access hospital, this time in Louisiana. Jackson Parish Hospital in Jonesboro recently completed an installation of West-Com Nurse Call including Patient CareBoards™ that provide digital care plans and automatically display updated information from the EMR.

Over the last couple of years, Jackson Parish has invested in cutting edge, patient care technology and West-Com is proud to partner with them on their latest installment. “Their ambition to bring the best patient experience possible is right in line with what we are trying to achieve,” says Sam Haydon, Regional Manager at West-Com.

Jackson Parish is yet another example of a critical access hospital who has chosen to partner with West-Com for state of the art technology that

  • eliminates manual nursing tasks,
  • improves communication between care staff, patients, and families, and
  • enhances fall prevention protocols.

Timely access to quality healthcare is essential; and patients need access to care in the communities where they live. Unfortunately, many rural hospitals lack adequate care technology and are unable to meet patient care needs. Thus, patients choose a major metropolitan hospital over one in their own community and experienced nurses and providers search elsewhere for employment.

Jackson Parish is investing in technology to ensure they can provide the level of care desired by patients in their community. They want patients to receive quality care in their hometown; not be forced to travel to a neighboring city hospital.

“We don’t want to just be any hospital, we want to be THE hospital,” says John Morgan, Jackson Parish CEO. “These efforts to help make Jackson Parish proud of the healthcare offerings available to patients goes a long way towards that.”

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“The many features of the revolutionary Nurse Call System is simply jaw-dropping to the point that you basically have to see it to believe it. Mere words that try to describe the various functions just doesn’t do justice.”


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