Virtual workflows are integrated into current workflows to improve communication, collaboration, and family connection.

Virtual Care Poster

Ensuring that every patient receives quality care is the standard for every healthcare organization. Unfortunately, isolation, time and geographical constraints can prevent or delay care providers, educators, coordinators and family members from seeing patients during their hospital stay and at discharge.

West-Com’s virtual inpatient CareBoard™ provides digital care plans and virtual care workflows to solve these issues by enhancing existing clinical workflow with virtual options.  Now virtual care, safety rounds and family visits are available inside every patient room without the need to allocate additional care team resources to manage and position carts and tablets.  The virtual solution is integrated into existing hospital systems making it easy for caregivers to adopt the technology because of its simplicity, effectiveness, and how it delights their patients.  Fill out the form below for more information on how West-Com’s virtual inpatient CareBoard™ can strengthen care teams’ communication and coordination and improve the patient and family experience. 

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