FocusCare® Communications Platform

Removing healthcare communication barriers to improve patient safety.

Healthcare organizations understand the importance of clear and consistent communication between patients, family, and the care team. Patient safety and the patient care experience suffer when communication breakdowns occur. Unfortunately, many communication procedures and tools implemented today exacerbate the situation due to lack of flexibility, integrations, and usability.  

FocusCare is the West-Com® communications platform that builds the foundation for unifying and simplifying communication and collaboration among care teams, patients, and their families. FocusCare removes the common communication barriers by bringing together formerly disparate technologies to our platform and connecting them in ways that streamline clinical workflows, simplify alarm & notification management, and allow patients to engage in their care in brand new ways that elevate the patient experience. Like you, patient safety will always be our top priority; and FocusCare ensures care teams have the technology they need to do just that-Focus on Care. 

Connecting care teams, simplifying communication. That is FocusCare.

Experience the benefits and give your patients the care they deserve.

  • Simplify clinical workflows to reduce medical errors.
  • Deliver timely and accurate information to patients and staff.
  • Connect patients, families, care teams and ancillary services through messaging, voice, and virtual services.
  • Safely monitor patients with AI technology to prevent falls and other adverse events.
  • Simplify care coordination by linking services, events, assignments, escalation and devices into a single environment.
  • Improve care delivery decisions through better visibility with meaningful data and analytics reports, designed specifically for your organization.
  • Elevate your hospital’s level of care by creating an orchestrated patient care environment with a balanced, integrated approach.

“We wanted to improve the whole patient care experience for both our patients and staff.”

Elizabeth Pastrano

Patient Experience Coordinator, Guadalupe Regional Medical Center

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